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INTERNET FP service will be available from 23rd November 2015.

ENAIRE, by means of ICARO XXI system, offers the possibility of internet flight plan submission to all web portal registered users.*

You may NOW apply for this new functionality by filling and sending the following >FORM to Once the application has been positively resolved, the applicant shall be notified within a week of the granted status by email, being able, from that moment on, to access the new option from his/her profile menu.

In addition, the user should contact so as to notify any modification in his/her personal data, by specifying these changes in the remarks item of this FORM.

User Guide for this Pre-Flight Briefing Portal can be found here

(1) Still not an ICARO user? Gain immediate access by clicking "New user" .

Should you wish to contact system support, please send an email to: